At SideLine App, Everything We Do Is
ood For The Game

Our passion is to help you be there for your family, friends and sporting heroes. We use the latest technology to put your at the match Live and On-demand, so you share the experience with them, during and after the game. 

The way we do this is:


  1. Put you on the sideline in 3 clicks.

  2. Provide fast and reliable live streaming and on-demand.

  3. Support grassroots youth and sportspeople. 20% of all revenue is returned to schools and sports.

We do this for:

  • Sport hungry fans. For all the family, including parents, grandparents, uncles and aunties. For sporting code fans, including rugby, basketball and sailing,  Loyal school and sport fans.

  • The old-boy and old-girl school supporters.

  • School Sports Programmes. For example, HeadTeachers, Head of Sport, Sport Coaches.

  • Sporting Bodies.  

  • Videographers - Sideline camera teams

  • Education, Government and Commercial Bodies interested in promoting sport in schools. 

Seeing & Supporting

Is Believing

Seeing and experiencing the excitement keeps you in touch and updated.

Support and showing support as family, friends and fans goes a long way to those competing.

Believing in grass roots sports and the impact on those you love and care for travels across across the world.

Your Story

Is Our Story

The sideline team watched first hand game after game and competition after competition  the joy of those on the sideline ... and the disappointment of those that could not be there for their family, friends and heroes.

You’re also supporting grassroots youth and sportspeople. 20% of all revenue is returned to schools / sports.

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