Do you run a club, team, competition or event you think would benefit from our world-class live stream service?

SideLine App is an innovative mobile tool designed to simplify the management of sports teams and help build better athletes and sports communities. This interactive platform will help coaches organise, train and connect your teams, ensuring everyone is geared up for game-day.


SideLine App captures a team's entire season in a single online location, fostering a strong sense of team spirit and camaraderie, whilst organising and supporting the coaches, managers and parents that dedicate your time to training, coaching and facilitating games.

Key features include 


  • Team-wide communication via app notifications, text message and email capabilities.

  • Access to a downloadable team calendar with training's, game dates and other key fixtures.

  • Vital game day information, such as weather forecasts and directions to the game venue.

  • An interactive, online team hub that integrates seamlessly with established social media platforms. You can post photos and videos of the game and share your team’s trials, tribulations and triumphs.

  • Live broadcasts and replays of games and training sessions.

  • Note: some features to be rolled out in upcoming releases.


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Improved mobile management and communication


Using our platform, team coaches will be able to communicate with players and parents from within the app via SMS, email or app notification and establish a season calendar that will be accessible to players and parents. This will streamline the team communication process for the coach, saving time and ensuring that the players and parents receive the information they need.

Better location-based services


Parents, players and supporters will have access to maps, travel times and weather updates on game-day, ensuring everyone arrives at the game prepared and on-time. 


Note: some location-based services to be rolled out in upcoming releases.

Fostering team community


The team page is the main hub for social engagement within the team, providing a news feed of videos, pictures, game-day reports and statistics. Players and supporters will soon have a chance to vote for their player of the day. This builds team morale and provides a place where players and supporters can share their team’s trials, tribulations, and most importantly, TRIUMPHS.

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